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Jan 12, 2006
  1. My damn computer (as i'm typing) says in a pop up in the lower right corner Local Area Connection - "A network cable unplugged" for a sec and goes away and it's slowing down my computer ! Whats the cause of this?
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    A few things can cause this. They include:
    • Poor connection between your NIC and the cable.
    • Poor connection between the cable and the hub/router/switch/modem.
    • Faulty cable.
    • Faulty NIC.
    • Faulty hub/router/switch/modem.

    My suggestion is to make sure its properly pushed in on both ends, and if it continues get another cable.

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    Thanks i changed the cables ,router is new and no probs with that ! What else? I didn't know where "troubleshooting " was and didn't think it would be called storage an networking ! I said i'm a newbie ! :)
  4. Olskool

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    BUMP :evil:
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    You still haven't ruled out a faulty NIC. Might want to play around with the NIC speed/duplex settings too.

    Do you have any kind of hogging programs installed? That includes Bulky (TM) firewalls (Symantec), VPN software, packet filtering software, misconfigured P2P software.
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