Logitech Cube doubles as a mouse and presentation device (updated)

By Matthew
Jan 5, 2012
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  1. Update: Logitech has addressed the confusion surrounding its new device with a demo:

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  2. Needs a laser pointer if used for presentations?
  3. Seems like a half tested concept to me designed by engineers that live in their own world.

    The flip to go back may be an issue for some people. I know plenty of people who wave their hands around as if their hands are empty when they are clicking to the next slide; a sleight of hand trick like a magician.

    Second, perhaps I am just shielded from the majority, but I would only buy a bluetooth version of this. Bluetooth is built into most high end laptops and if not you can get a high power bluetooth USB nub that performs similarly to the Logitech unify system. Bluetooth would be a lot more unifying it seems to me.

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