Update: Logitech has addressed the confusion surrounding its new device with a demo:

Original: With CES just around the bend, electronics makers are making a concerted effort to pique the interest of gadget lovers with unique products. Logitech is no exception, announcing a new portable mouse that doubles as a presentation device. The rectangular rodent is small enough to fit in a pocket and offers mouse-like functionality -- albeit with less ergonomics. There's a sensor on the bottom of the device to move a cursor and the top panel has a multitouch surface that registers input.

Unfortunately, the company isn't clear about what the touch panel does. Common sense dictates that it can register right and left clicks -- bare minimum --  but the Cube's product page doesn't mention anything of the sort. Instead, it only speaks of the ability to scroll by swiping your finger along the main panel. This is said to be especially fluid courtesy of Logitech's "Flow Scroll" software, which adds smooth scrolling to Web browsers including IE 8 and 9, Firefox 6 and Chrome 14 or higher.

We've emailed Logitech for more info and we'll update this post if we receive a reply. What we do know is that if you lift the Cube off a table, it automatically transforms into a presentation tool that lets you easily navigate slides. The device connects to your machine through a Logitech Unifying receiver and it offers a reliable wireless connection at up to 25 meters. It has a USB-rechargeable Li-ion battery, though we haven't seen any details about its lifespan. Preorders are already open for $69.99.