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Dec 18, 2011
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  1. I have had my share of virus' in the past and made it through all of them but the point is I want a program to help me catch them before I have to go to extremes to fix..

    When I got my first computer I used Norton and you couldn't talk me into anything else. Somewhere along the way they have lost their zeal for protection and I don't feel secure using Norton anymore.

    I have never liked Macafee so that one is out and my sister recommended Vipre but it constantly wants to bring up pop ups telling me it is blocking a bad site. This gets very aggravating and my sister said this was normal and she likes it that way. NOT ME.

    I have used Avast for a few years now not because it is free but because I seemed to get the best protection with it, but now I've had two virus' so bad on Windows XP that I had to re-install windows (and these were within a week of each other). Now I have upgraded my desktop to Windows 7 but my brand new laptop is the one that got the 2012 Windows 7 virus. I can't understand it. I have had more trouble with virus' in the past month than I have had in years. I need the absolute best protection I can get and I don't care about the price; I take classes online and I am an A student until now when I can't get my work done because my computer is down. Plus I am tired of re-installing Windows. I got the last virus off without having to re-install but I hope it stays off. I haven't added anything really. I almost think it has something to do with the updates from microsoft. I am going to set them to not allow.

    Please advise me of the best anti-virus to get before I waste my time and money on ones that are no good until I find one that works right.
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  3. cableman

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    Thanks for the response. I always use Firefox. I only use Explorer when forced to, it is a know fact that this browser is easy to highjack. I don't know the add ons you are talking about, can you tell me more?

    I have never heard of the safer-networking or the javacoolsoftware; will they work well with other anti=virus programs also running?

    Also, will these add ons slow down my browser?

    What do you think of Bit Defender or Kaspersky?

    Thanks for your help.
  4. learninmypc

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    will tell you which links/pictures in your www.google.com search are ok to click on. RED avoid at any cost. Yellow or orangish yellow use EXTREME caution & GREEN are good.
    Safernetworking is the home of Spybot Search & Destroy. DON'T use the immunize feature in Spybot S&D with SpywareBlaster.
    http://www.safer-networking.org/en/index.html They're currently working on a newer version which is why this link is different from the other one in my previous post.
    Javacool is the home of SpywareBlaster. It is NOT a scanner, you simply update it a couple times a month, enable ALL protection & X out of it & it'll protect your pc.
    Yes, addons will slow down any browser, but its a small price to pay to be safe.
    I use to use the Bitdefender free scanner,but not lately. I don't think Kaspersky has a free version.
    I don't believe in paying for something when I can get good protection for free.
    I've used those free programs for several years & will continue using them.
    Avast self updates many times a day,
    You have to update Spybot S&D every Wednesday after 3am PST.
    Update Malwarebytes (Mbam) & SUPERantispyware (SAS) before you scan.
    I hope I've answered your question adequately. You might go to them to read more.
    If Sants brings me the laptop I'm hoping for, I will be putting these programs on it BEFORE going online. Have a great day.:)
  5. cableman

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    Thank you for your detailed response but people are misunderstanding me. Forget cost please. I always used Avast, not because it was free but because it was the best on the market and I not only felt protected, I was. I felt the same way about Norton 15 years ago but times change and Avast is not enough to protect my system like it used to. I still love the program and hate to not be faithful but I have to be realistic. I am taking online classes and the downtime from fixing these virus problems have cost my grades severely. I am an A student and I was hoping to find help with grants and scholarships with my good grades but now they are in the 80s and I still have late work to turn in and I am tired and upset and have had enough. I can't take anymore of giving my all just to receive unfair and untrue results. I need the best anti-virus software program there is. I don't need all the bells and whistles; I am a simple guy but I do need a full time protection while browsing and complete protection over my email as well as regular up to date virus scanning and removal. If the best is free great! If the best costs something then I will gladly buy it buy I need something now without wasting my money. I am so much like you in the fact that I hate to buy something when I can get the same quality or better for free but in this case I have to face reality and do what is best for me.
    If you have a good recommendation then please just blurt it out. Do not worry about cost. The college cost is killing me for an education I can't get and/or use because of these problems.
  6. learninmypc

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    Since I don't use ANY paid for programs,I cannot say anything about them.
    I've had Avast for at least 10 years & never had any problems with it.
    If I've gotten a virus, I had no problem getting rid of it. If I can't get rid of it, I'd come in here to TS to get proper help.
    My pc is left on 24/7, 365 & Avast self updates every 4 hours I believe it is.
    Perhaps someone else in here can help you further.
    The only alternate program I could suggest is http://www.microsoft.com/security/pc-security/mse.aspx
    but I've never used it.
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    Most virus scanners can't anticipate all gyrations of viruses. I'm sorry you're having such problems. Perhaps you want another computer to surf the web on or open email attachments. Do your school work on an isolated machine, if it involves microsoft word and such. These people on Techspot like the free antimalware solutions a lot. Kaspersky is thoro, and you can get it free at Frys if you scan newspaper ads every week. Linux is another solution, but different and somewhat difficult to learn. It is good for web surfing because it doesn't get windows viruses. A variation for web surfing is the Chromebook, available at amazon.com, such as here:
    They are out of stock on the $350 model. Good luck.

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