Looking to install a new processor and add hard drive need help finding them


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Hey guys new to TS and im in a bit of a bind I want to put a 64 bit processor and a new hard drive with as much space as possible in my compaq presario laptop i have a buddy thats training to be a crt that can help both of these things i know you can get these things fairly cheap if you know where to look but i need to know whats compatable and maybe some suggestions on what to buy I have a compaq presario F700 notebook BIOS AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual Core Proc. TK-57 1.9hz
2588 avail ram and direct x 11 half of that info was probably not even needed but it cant hurt after installed im sure i will put windows 7 on here as much help and advice as i can get will be very much appreciated also off topicwhat do you guys think about uniblue power suite 2010 yes no i also need to upgrade my antivirus and spyware software if anyone wants to put in some input thanks so much guys and I look foreword to being a member of the site.


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You won't be able to (about a 10% chance you even could) replace the CPU, because its unlikely the motherboard's BIOS will support any significant change to CPU to make it worthwhile.

As for the hard disk, you need a 2.5" hard disk. You could probably get a 1TB version, but its likely to cost you.

Anti-virus: I recommend Microsoft Security Essentials, or AVG Free Edition 2011.
Spyware/malware: I recommend Malwarebytes.