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Feb 13, 2009
  1. A friend of mine bought a computer from somebody and they activated the windows xp, but they never registered it...and now...it says that it needs the 25 digit activation key before she can log back in....she cannot get ahold of the person she bought it from, and there's no way for her to log into her computer now...any suggestions??
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    Thank You

    Kimsland..I have to say thank you for helping me out in a huge way more than once. I first posted on here about a month ago cuz I was trying to fix a computer for my friend...and most of the applications I clicked wouldn't open, and the task manager wouldn't open either. You gave me the link for the Updated 8 step virus/spyware/malware removal..as soon as I ran them programs...the computer worked great again.....THANK YOU....YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!
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    Kimsland, do any of these work to find a Windows 2000 activation key.
    The leading political campaign has donated five campaign computers to be used for handicapped children. We have been named as the Repair Clinic to restore them.
    Strangely, they all have Windows 2000 on them, and no discs were included.
    Do any of the key, or product ID recovery software, recover Windows 2000 keys?
    The computers are Compaq Desktop "Institutional" models built in 2003, so don't know why the campaigns used Windows 2000. Also, they have OpenOffice and two other free word processing programs, Adobe Reader 8, CCleaner, Nero 7, and not much else.
    But will be a terrific boon to the handicapped if we can recover the keys... until we find doners who will contribute Windows XP.
  5. Sharam

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    raybay See if PC Wizard does it for you!

    Download PC WIZARD

    Install and run,
    In the left pane select "Configuration"
    Click on the Operating System icon (Windows LOGO in Red, Green, Blue and Yellow to the left of "DOS" and "Internet" icons) on the first row.
    In the right window, click on the "Serial Number"
    Current Product Key will be displayed in the bottom window

    Or you can try the free open-source Magic Jelly Bean Finder
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    Raybay - I can confirm Magical Jelly Bean keyfinder does work for Windows 2000. I just tested it on Windows 2000 Professional.

    It will get you the key used to install 2000, but it won't get you an activation code, because Windows 2000 never required activation.
  7. kimsland

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    That's right ;)

    Also the "Key Viewer" program I linked to is "Win All" (including 2K)
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