Magic Leap's latest augmented reality demo will blow your mind

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Promising augmented reality startup Magic Leap wasn’t able to make it to the TED conference as originally planned. Rather than leaving hopefuls empty-handed, Magic Leap instead published a demo video that shows how they’ve put a $542 million round of funding led by Google to work over the past several months.

The video, titled “Just another day in the office at Magic Leap,” provides a first-hand view of both productivity and gaming on the mysterious headset. After quickly skimming over a YouTube video and some e-mails, our faceless hero walks over to a table and selects a real-world gun.

The battle is on as we see robotic nemeses drop down from the ceiling. The faceless player gets some help from a turret but once the tank comes crashing through the wall, all bets are off.

Unfortunately, we know little else about the curious newcomer at this time. If they can indeed deliver the type of experience we’re seeing here, they stand a solid chance at competing with other promising products like Microsoft’s HoloLens, HTC's Vive VR and the Oculus Rift.

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Man that looks awesome! I cant wait for these things to get popular, imagine a traditional paintball match coupled with this.


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I am considering asking Google for a couple hundred millions for something much more serious and perhaps, lucrative, like graphical description of atomic elements interacting in chemical reactions from an energy levels representation point of view.With the right gear it should be easy and straightforward, it's only cost prohibitive.


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The UI looks too much like an Android homescreen from 2010. Bulky and non minimal.

I hope when this does come out it'll allow us to have a clean UI that's simplified. The idea shouldn't be to distract us too much from our current world.... but instead add little enhancements along the way. Unfortunately since most people in society love consuming **** they'll have their entire UI plastered with fairy bombs, KFC advertisement and retarded dating apps adding points above peoples heads like some sick twisted game. People will abuse this technology making them even more shallow.


I doubt this is from actual product showcase; it's too CG-ish. The grip on the gun looks too firm.


  • You can't buy this.
  • This is not a demo. It's an animation.
  • A demo includes the physical product.
  • Oculus Rift came out with a neat demo years ago (With a physical product in the video), where is it today?
Not for nothing, but this might as well be csondiered false marketing. It's like all the video games that come out including ZERO actual game-play within the footage.