Major mouse Lag

By Retrospaz
Jun 15, 2013
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  1. So, hello all.
    Just finished putting the finishing touches on my homemade computer.
    intel 3570k, 8 gigs corsair 1600 speed, 650w modular corsair power supply ASUS p8z77-1 deluxe motherboard, 256gb crucial solid state, XFX 7970 ghz edition graphics card. So I have it hooked up to my sharp aquos 60 inch HDTV and I'm getting jerky severe mouse movement, otherwise graphic acceleration seems to be fine tomb raider at ultimate settings was averaged around 42fps. I'm seeing the jerky mouse movement in games and on the desktop. Also tried switching to "game" and "pc" modes on the tv, also tried on my old Panasonic 720p HDTV that during my last deployment I used to hook up via HDMI to my laptop all the time with no issues, that being said I'm going to try hooking my 60 in and 42 up to my laptop with the current mouse (which I just bought another one of today to no avail) and see what happens..Any help..or ideas?
  2. GhostRyder

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    The problem with HD tvs and computers are that they can cause issues like this. Normally it has to do with with the refresh rate of the tv where beyond a certain point (mostly 60hz) the tv signal is delayed slightly causing the mouse movements to be delayed. I see you say you've tried game mode already and now your going to try another tv, but I would recommend trying a monitor if you can find one and seeing if that solves the issue.

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