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Major problems, possibly graphics related

By Vykun ยท 9 replies
Feb 24, 2013
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  1. Firstly, I am a noob. When I go to try and upload my dump files they do not appear so I cannot upload them. So help with that would be greatly appreciated.

    Secondly, onto the problem. A couple of months back I first experienced it, weird square shapes on my desktop near the taskbar that would flicker and then go away, or stretch imaged moved into them. Then it went away, til about 3 weeks ago when it came back stronger than ever. First, I was getting these lines across browser windows and such, then they moved onto being in other windows as well. All I had to do to get them to go away though was to change screen resolution and change it back, and then they were gone for a while. It did not impact performance, and I could play any and all games flawlessly.

    Then, it got worse. I noticed lines on graphics in one game, as well as colored squares where a graphic should have been. I have seen video artifacts before, so I assumed that is exactly what it was. Even though I have never seen it happen on my desktop, or in a browser. Then the squares came back, and the lines got worse. Eventually it got to where when I was playing a game, it was super choppy, got crazy slowdown and then the game just crashed. So I quit trying to play games, and focused more on fixing this.

    The more I do to try and fix it though, the worse it gets. It has gotten to the point where I am getting BSODs now, with many different things being indicated as the reason. Also, the lines on the screen have escalated into new stuff, even more intense.

    I will attach some images of the stuff I have been seeing if possible.

    So far, the things I have done to try and fix this include...

    Increasing GPU clock speed
    Changing browsers
    Running chkdsk several times
    Have tried 4-5 different driver versions, as well as wiping drivers entirely and letting Windows install them
    Reformat and installed Windows fresh, thinking that upon doing so the problem would either go away, or at least be more obvious as to the cause of it
    I re-seated RAM, and changed the slot my GPU was in as well
    Used a different HDMI cable
    Disable/enabled Overclocking in CCC
    Tried using a different monitor
    Ran Memtest86 for several passes, to eliminate RAM as being the issue(Hopefully)
    And many, many other things that slip my mind right now

    I am currently on the verge of having to go buy a new video card, but I am taking one last shot at getting help for this before I spend the money this weekend. At the very least, I would like an expert to eliminate the chance of the cause of this being anything but my video card because I cannot afford to replace multiple things right now unless I am certain of the cause.

    My system specs are as follows

    CPU: i7 950
    RAM: 12GB DDR3, I can post more info if needed
    Motherboard: EVGA 131-GT-e767, BIOS version 6.0 PG
    GPU: Radeon HD 5770
    PSU: 750w Kingwin, or something.

    So, I have been running this PC for over a year now with zero hardware changes at all. Have not had any problems at all until a few months ago when I first saw the lines.

    Here is some of what the dump file says, once someone can tell me how to post it I will

    First one, after fresh OS install

    BCC: 0x00000050
    Para 1: 000007fe`fe0b0000
    Para 2: 00000000`00000000
    Para 3: fffff800`02c669cb
    Para 4: 00000000`00000008
    Caused by driver: ntoskrnl.exe
    Caused by address: ntoskrnl.exe+6f840

    Second one, which just happened

    Para 1: 00000000`001904fb
    Para 2: fffff880`08335bf8
    Para 3: fffff880`08335450
    Para 4: fffff880`012b95b7
    Caused by driver: Ntfs.sys
    Caused by address: Ntfs.sys+a95b7

    Those are the only two BSODs I have gotten so far, but it does not always BSOD either. Usually it is just the lines, or squares or other weird graphic stuff.

    The pics I have uploaded are only a portion of the stuff I am seeing happen. It varies so much that it has become almost impossible to describe anymore.

    If anyone at all could provide some help with this I would greatly appreciate it, I have pretty much run out of ideas and am looking at throwing $250 at a new card to try and make this problem go away.

    I will be checking back here often, as there really is not much else I can do seeing as how my PC is a gigantic paperweight at the moment. If possible, I can also be contacted on Skype, just let me know.

    Thanks to anyone at all who takes the time to read through my wall of text, and even bigger thanks to anyone who can help me figure out exactly what is causing this so I can make it go away.

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  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,243   +234

    "I am currently on the verge of having to go buy a new video card"... Save time in posting here any further before you replace that video card ASAP
  3. Vykun

    Vykun TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I had suspected as much. I have been getting all kinds of people telling me it might be different things. I was determined it had to be the video card, only thing that made me second guess myself was the weird BSOD logs talking about system files and such. Is it possible that weird BSOD logs like that could be a product of the video card messing up?

    Also, thanks for your quick reply. I was not expecting to see anything so soon. Appreciate it greatly

    Edit: The reason why I ask if it could all be solely my video card creating the problems, is that I want to make sure that my hard drive could not be responsible for the BSODs while the GPU is creating the graphical issues. I am looking at dropping ~$250, so I can either snag a really nice card, or an SSD+650 Ti for roughly the same.
  4. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,243   +234

    The artifacts always point to the video card itself... The BSOD's are very general so the video card could be causing them too
  5. Vykun

    Vykun TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Alright, well I guess I will just snag a cheaper card and an SSD to cover all my bases. Thanks a lot for the info
  6. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,243   +234

    Okay, good luck:)
  7. Vykun

    Vykun TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hey, back again. I am going to be ordering my new card later tonight, but I ran into a bit of an issue. I am not sure if my PSU can handle the card I was planning to order, hoping somewhere here can shine some light on this before I spend a bunch of money.

    This is my PSU -

    This is the card I was going to buy -

    Will that work out? Or should I find another card? I was reading that the card requires 24a on the 12v rails, and I really do not know enough about PSUs to know if mine is ok or not. I checked the sticker, and it says like 18's and 20 or something but I don't know if that is combined, or it the card requires it to have 24a on a single one. I am a total ***** when it comes to that.

    If anyone could help me out here before I have to order this I would greatly appreciate it, and if my PSU will not run that card if you could recommend a cheaper card that it will run, that would be an upgrade over my HD 5770, that would be amazing. I have spent the last two weeks looking through tons of cards, I am starting to see them in my sleep. Finally thought I knew what I was going to purchase and then I thankfully remembered to check my PSU before I ordered it.
  8. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,243   +234

    Yes they will work... The video card needs a minimum of 450 Watt power supply
  9. Vykun

    Vykun TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I know the watts it needs, but it also says it needs a minimum of 24 amps on the +12v rails.

    My PSU says it has +12v 1, 2, 3 at 18A, and a 4th +12v at 20A. So I don't know if that means it combines all the +12v to equal 74A and it would run the card fine, or if I need a minimum of 24A per +12v rail to run the card.

    As far as it needing a minimum of 450w, that much I know. It is just the amps and rails stuff where I am a noob. Am I getting my information wrong or something, do the amps on the 12v rails mean the same thing as how many watts the power supply is? I really have no clue, heh.

    Thanks for responding again though, I can't wait to get all this sorted out and order my stuff so I can just forget about all of this and just get back to gaming.
  10. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,243   +234

    Go ahead and try this combination. The wattage is dependent on the whole computer's needs...

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