Making a start disk for programs

By Bill Bodewig ยท 4 replies
Jul 30, 2012
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  1. What I want to do.
    I have several programs that I use but not on a regular basis.
    I want to burn these as self-extracting files on a DVD.
    But I also want to start this dvd with an index from where I can choose which program to install,
    and I want these programs go to specific pre-determined locations.

    Has anyone done this and how did was it done?
    If not, any suggestions how to go about this.
    I was thinking about self-extracting .rar-files and a simple hyperlinked doc-file but don't know how to get that file to show up when I insert the DVD (later perhaps on USB-stick)
  2. cliffordcooley

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    I would only do this if the applications were stand-alone apps. Stand-alone applications don't require installation to run.

    Any application that is installed and then removed without the proper un-install process, can cause problems. You are wanting to remove a rarely used application from the system until you need it again. Problem is even though you are not using the application, the system may try to keep track of the application.

    Running any kind of registry cleaner under these conditions would be detrimental. Running a registry cleaner would remove any links in the registry that no longer exist on the hard drive. This would most likely cause you to re-install the application again to get it working.
  3. Bill Bodewig

    Bill Bodewig TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes, but I seem to remember that you can make any program into a standalone one.

    I believe that it is a Russian program but I am not sure which one and how exactly it would work
  4. Bobbye

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    I think you may be referring to creating just the executable file. You my run into copy-write protections, plus as previously mentioned, the .exe may not work alone without installation of the program
  5. mike1959

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    Hi , What you have described is a portable application, that is it is self-contained on a flash memory stick, and lauched from it when you want to use it.
    The index you mention sounds like the launcher menu, the type you will get with a program such as Portableapps or Codysafe.
    I have two flash drives that I take on courses with me, that have a portable version of each of my preferred 'Apps', and is often the case, unknown/public PC's have very little software of use, or is an much older version.
    It's true that many programs are portable, or can be, but not all.
    You need to install the basic 'platform' first, to flash stick, then add the programs you need into it.
    There are some 'packs' that include many popular and useful programs, but unlikely to be exactly what you need.
    I would say to have a look at;

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