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Apr 20, 2009
  1. Hello, I am new to this forum. I recently encountered a virus/malware that I can't get rid of, when I click on my browser searches I keep getting re-directed. I followed your 8 step guide, except for steps 4 and 5, Malwarebytes installed, but will not load (stopped working error), and superantispyware will not install (stopped working error). I have windows Vista (could not install sp1). I installed ad-aware instead, and I have included the log file, and the log file for hijack this.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks, Michael
  2. Spyder_1386

    Spyder_1386 TS Booster Posts: 498

    hi nvmoore

    I see that the security you're running is ESET Smart Security. Is the the free version or did you purchase it? Did you update it before running the 8-steps?

    I would recommend that you uninstall that anti-virus and install either AVAST or AVIRA and re-run the 8-step virus/malware removal tool. Alternatively, you could wait for someone else to assist you further.

    Spyder_1386 :)
  3. mvmoore

    mvmoore TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Malware re-direct

    Thanks. I have uninstalled ESET, and installed Avast, I am currently doing a boot scan, I will then do another scan when the system boots up, then I will try the 8 step guide again,

  4. Bobbye

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    Lets try to bring this back to the 8 Steps:

    IF you are having a problem downloading or running the cleaning programs, please tell us what the problem is- not just that you can't!

    Spyder, a note for you. Unless this user was still in the Trial Version time, the cost of the Eset Security suite is minimum $60.00. I do NOT agree with telling anyone to blow that money, but rather, consider making a change when the subscription comes due.

    I see a few others telling people to trash their security and telling someone to do that with a paid program is wrong! Even as much as I dislike the Symantec/Norton programs, I will NOT tell anyone to throw it out and waste their money!!!

    Michael, If you did get the paid Eset Suite consider reinstalling it if you have subscription time left. It has the AV, firewall, spyware/adware program and more.

    You need to put a stop to the Tracking Cookies you are getting AdAware removed them, but you can prevent most
    Reset Cookies:
    For Internet Explorer: Internet Options (through Tools or Control Panel) Privacy tab> Advanced button> CHECK 'override automatic Cookie handling'> CHECK 'accept first party Cookies'> CHECK 'Block third party Cookies'> CHECK 'allow per session Cookies'> Apply> OK.[/QUOTE]

    Temporarily disable real Time Protection while scanning:
    Michael, you have the DNS Changer malware infection:

    This requires special cleaning, but we need to get Malwarebytes and Superantispyware running first.

    There is also some evidence of pirated software:
    Screenwriter 2000 w

    It also appears that you got a backdoor Trojan with the crack file,

    If that is the case, we will not be able to assist you on TechSpot.
  5. mvmoore

    mvmoore TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Malware re-direct

    Thanks for the info and suggestions Bobbye, I uninstalled ESET, it was a trial version, I then installed Avast, full 7 day trial version, it detected a rootkit virus, it deleted it, then asked me to reboot, which I did, now I have a dead computer, no operating system found! I checked in my bios for the hard drive, it's there, in the right boot order, but it won't boot.

    Is there any way I can undo what Avast did to my computer?

    So for the moment, i can't tell you what the exact error was for not being able to run/install Malwarebytes and superantivirus or whatever it was because all i have is a black screen...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated,


    I have the original install cd (Vista home premium), but I would much prefer getting my old system back, too much information to lose.
  6. Spyder_1386

    Spyder_1386 TS Booster Posts: 498

    I fully agree with this statement Bobbye. If you re-read my initial post you'll notice that I asked whether mvmoore had the free version or the premium version of ESET installed...

    Secondly ....

    I do believe that we are allowed to make a recommendation on something we are confident about? I merely recommended another anti-virus; I by no means instructed mvmoore to uninstall his/her product. Is this against the rules of supporting? If so, please do let me know and I will gladly refrain from making recommendations of the AVs on 8-step.

    Spyder_1386 :)
  7. mvmoore

    mvmoore TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Malware re-direct

    I resuscitated my computer by doing a repair from the Vista cd, abit scary considering the possible data/system los, but it looks like it's okay, but it hasn't booted into windows yet. It's gone into another boot scan with Avast, last time it took over an hour, so I'll see what happens when it's done.

  8. Bobbye

    Bobbye Helper on the Fringe Posts: 16,334   +36

    Michael, did you mean to get the paid Avast suite, because there is a free version HERE.
  9. ruthvik

    ruthvik TS Rookie Posts: 17

    there are too many topics with same problem. Im in the exact same situation
    MAM installed but would not run and SAS didnt even install
    MAM worked when i used fixit.exe made by someone on this forum. Check my topic, it might help you guys
  10. mvmoore

    mvmoore TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Malware Search-redirect

    I Installed the full trial version (Avast). It killed the virus that was on my computer, but it did something that made my computer un-bootable once it asked to restart the computer. I did a repair with the Vista cd on startup, it fixed the problem within less than a minute, my system booted to windows, no loss of data or anything, a few more scans detected remnants of the virus and it's effects, everything seems to be fine now, thanks.

    Mbam runs now, and so does superantispyware, I guess the virus prevented those software from running, and I couldn't even access any sites from SpyBot search and destroy from my browser, I guess the virus really didn't like that one. The original antivirus software I had installed was ESET, it did not detect the virus, but Avast did.

    I will test this Avast trial, maybe I'll go for the free version once it's over, I'll see, thanks for the suggestions,

  11. Bobbye

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    ruthvik, please start you own thread. Follow the Steps HERE.

    When through, attach the 3 logs on your post

    This thread is for the use of mvmoore only. Please don't post your own virus/spyware problems in this thread. Instead, open a new thread in our Virus and Malware Removal Forum.
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