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Oct 5, 2008
  1. MarkFun_Load_NT_Driver
    What is this error that it gives me every time I start windows?
    I tryed installing CnC3 which was only using less than 1% of the processor, 99% into System Idle Process, which is to be expected. I'm using virtually no memory, so I'm stumped as to whats slowing down my PC and where this error is coming from.
    If anyone has any ideas don't wait, post them!
  2. king21092

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    Ok, here are some updates to the original post.

    • When installing CnC3 VIA disk it lags to the extreme of the extreme, minimum of 10 second of response time, up to like 60 seconds.
    • My system is going haywire, as I'm writing this. NVIDIA things are popping up without me touching anything!
    • Lagging BAD while installing CnC3, with virtually no mem. usage pr CPU usage...

    Any help would be appreciated.
  3. CCT

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  4. king21092

    king21092 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 130

    Wow, thnx for the info about that error.
    Can you possibly answer the other question.
    Why the PC is so slow while installing something, with no CPU/mem usage?

    I'll do the CMOS trick while I'm typing this.
  5. king21092

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    Ok, here a new problem that just showed up:
    Someone tell me if I should continue it here or start another thread about it.

    Ok, like I've said I was trying to install CnC3, come to find out at the end of the install I get an error that reads.

    Ok, what could this be, the only things running are like tools that monitor my hardware and Logitech G-series Keyboard Profiler, which is the program needed to use the G-keys and media keys on the G11/G15 keyboard.

    What is Windows Installer engine?
  6. CCT

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  7. king21092

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    Well, the error is back, I cleared CMOS started up and it wasn't there. Went back into BIOS/CMOS to change my settings back to the best optimal performance, and its back again....
    Does this driver do anything "serious" is not, I'll leave it alone. If so, I need more help.
  8. king21092

    king21092 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 130

    Well, I went to turn-off the computer through the start > turn-off etc.
    When it was shutting down I got a BSOD.
    It automatically restarted and said I was missing a windows .exe file.
    Thats the final straw, 5 reinstalls and 5 went bad.
    All were on that same HDD.
    i think it's to late to RMA so I'm going to scrap it or keep it on the side as a slave drive, that won't be used much.
    Time to finally use my 400GB HDD as my master.

    Also, the 80GB that went bad had many issues with dying on people... including me!
    So yea, it was expected.
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