Meet Quip, the modernized word processor designed for the mobile world

David Tom

TS Addict
With the consumer shift toward mobile devices over the past few years, it’s somewhat surprising to see that mobile-centric word processors have remained pretty much the same. In search of a better, more intuitive experience, a pair of reputable technology...

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Jad Chaar

Elite Techno Geek
I really like this app and the concept behind it. It needs more features in order to replace MS Word.


TS Ambassador
I'll give it a try.. See how it goes. There are so many other apps that seem to do the same already. But I'll test. MS Word can be replace already there are so many other Office products that are out there for both Windows and Android. Just don't have to go the Microsoft Office way again. Only if you working at a company that requires it. At home you can use so many other program suites that are for free and have less impact on the system.