Menu item ghosting - main screen

By Kent Thompson
May 17, 2014
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  1. I get a ghosting lately from pop-up menus that I can only clear by changing the resolution (refresh does not work). Any ideas how to fix this (screenshot included)?
  2. gbhall

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    It would seem, from the lack of responses so far, that nobody understands what you mean by 'ghosting'. From your screenshot, the best guess I can make is that you are complaining about the pop-up message showing the words 'empty recycle bin'. Is that it?

    You do not say what your Operating System is. We cannot possibly help you without that information. I can make suggestions (below) only applying to what I am running myself, which is Win 7 pro.

    That exact pop-up wording is normally from a mouse right-click when hovering over the recycle bin icon, but it is only one of six possible actions. None appear without a right-click. So my further guess is you have been messing with some settings that cause it to happen, which might be found anywhere, such as 'ease of access centre' settings.
    To explore that possibility, just start typing ease of acc.... into your system search box. It might be a setting that avoids the necessity to use a mouse, or a right-click, or something like that.
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