Microsoft briefly reveals 'Windows TH' as name for upcoming OS


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Earlier today, Microsoft accidentally published their website detailing the impending Technical Preview of the next version of Windows, in the process revealing a new name for the OS. That name is 'Windows TH', as seen in the tabbed header alongside previous...

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Oops, I accidentally made a whole page about an upcoming version of Windows.


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Oops, I accidentally made a whole page about an upcoming version of Windows.
The page and relevant info has probably been ready for a while now but just on test servers, this might have just been accidentally pushed to live. It does actually happen since it is all done by humans and we are not perfect. Or did you really think the pages are made on the fly 5 minutes before going live?
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I'm actually looking forward to it, I'm confident it'll be a winner like XP and 7 were and it has to be, M$ can't afford another vote of no confidence. Hopefully this new CEO isn't as big a chump as Ballmer was.

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Theta for 'nine' seems 'ok'. Hope it comes with features I will want and not just a remix. Price will matter and any screwy 'rental' schemes will not be well regarded.

We'll see.


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Windows 9 called 'TH' is likely short for 'Threshold'

Lke Windows8 should have been called Windows FU


Better OS? Linux trash that has bugs from decades ago? Like Bash? And OpenSSL? There is no real alternative to Windows yet that is mainstream and actually works instead of recompiling packages all day with proper support for 100% of devices that have decent drivers.


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