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Microsoft isn't convinced Google Stadia has the content to compete in gaming

By onetheycallEric · 6 replies
Apr 12, 2019
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  1. It seems 2019 is the year that cloud gaming will get a mainstream push, whether the world and the networks are ready for it or not. Google has already outed its upcoming Stadia platform, Apple is set to roll out the Apple Arcade, and there's even rumors of Amazon designing its own cloud gaming service.

    Another competitor waiting in the wings is Microsoft, with its highly anticipated Project xCloud. It's heavily speculated that Microsoft will be bringing Project xCloud to E3 this year, and if it does, the cloud gaming war will commence in earnest.

    Since the announcement of Stadia, Microsoft has been forthright with its assessment of Google's platform, with Phil Spencer initially saying "There were no big surprises in their announcement." According to Spencer, Google hinges the success of Stadia on content, community and cloud. Well, according to Microsoft’s Chief Marketing Officer for Xbox Mike Nichols, Google only has two out of three.

    “Emerging competitors like Google have a cloud infrastructure, a community with YouTube, but they don’t have the content,” said Nichols in an interview with The Telegraph. "You won’t necessarily need a device over time, but you’ll get the best experience with local processing power."

    Google may very well have an advantage in cloud infrastructure, but players like Microsoft and Sony have spent years cultivating content libraries, first-party studios, and developer partnerships. That -- as well as the option of local hardware -- is presumably what Microsoft believes will attract gamers. In a statement to IGN, Microsoft doubled down in its plans for cloud gaming.

    It’s a great time to be a gamer. At Xbox, we’re putting players at the center of our vision for the future of gaming by delivering blockbuster content from Xbox Game Studios and our partners, growing the thriving Xbox community and giving them choice and opportunity in how they play across devices and through Project xCloud. – Microsoft spokesperson

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  2. Uncle Al

    Uncle Al TS Evangelist Posts: 5,377   +3,772

    Infrastructure would appear to be the most demanding. Content can be purchased and in the long run, if Google keeps with it they could be every bit as competitive. The real question to the end user will be how much is lost due to either companies policies when it comes to how they treat those that use them ......
    onetheycallEric likes this.
  3. R00sT3R

    R00sT3R TS Guru Posts: 160   +342

    Could not care less, TBH.

    These streaming services are nothing but an attempt to do away with the cost of developing new hardware boxes for the consumers home and gathering more data on the habits of its customers, to sell in game adverts, on to the relevant advertising agencies...

    Lose a life in game? You may continue after watching this short commercial break...etc,etc.

    They don't care that gaming via streaming will always be an inferior experience, just as low bit rate 4K video streaming on Netflix is crap compared to watching the same material on uncompressed Blue Ray discs. All they care about is the monthly subscription and the control it gives them over content.
  4. ForgottenLegion

    ForgottenLegion TS Guru Posts: 409   +414

    Unless latency and input lag is decreased to the point of being I'm perceivable it will never take off.

    I tried using steam home streaming via Gigabit LAN and found it unbearable. Sorry but this has no chance of replacing dedicated local hardware boxes.
    DaveBG and Digitalzone like this.
  5. redhat

    redhat TS Enthusiast Posts: 40   +26

    ""Microsoft and Sony have spent years cultivating content libraries, first-party studios, and developer partnerships.""
    Personally I disagree, just look how Epic could easily save several exclusive games for its store.
  6. DukeJukem

    DukeJukem TS Enthusiast Posts: 77   +44

    Says the company that can't release any exclusive games worth a damn in the past 2+ years lol. nice operating system btw. linux is closing in on u windows.
  7. Misagt

    Misagt TS Maniac Posts: 286   +204

    If Epic can pull the massive amount of games over for exclusives I'm sure Google will be able to compete. Either these execs are dumb or they are hoping you are. I don't really care for Google at all so I'll never use it. But I think MS should at least behind doors taking a more proactive approach.

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