Microsoft offers mouse for Breast Cancer Awareness Month


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Every 23 seconds, a mother, a sister, an aunt, a grandmother, a cousin, or a friend is diagnosed with breast cancer. Microsoft wants to fight back. Microsoft Hardware is supporting the US National Breast Cancer Awareness Month by launching a special pink edition of its Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000.

The pink mouse will retail until the end of September 2011 for $40 and contribute 10 percent, or a $4 donation, per sale to the Komen for the Cure charitable fund. The non-pink versions all sell for $40 as well, so Microsoft isn't making any extra profit with the pink price tag.

The Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 features Microsoft's BlueTrack Technology, which "combines the power of optical with the precision of laser" to work on virtually any surface. The 2.4 GHz mouse also has Microsoft's Nano transceiver that sticks out less than a centimeter from the USB port but still gives you up to a 30-foot range. Microsoft estimates the battery life at 10 months and of course the battery status indicator will warn you when battery power is low. The mouse also includes a button for Windows Flip in Windows 7, four-way scrolling, four customizable buttons, and comes with Microsoft's worldwide three-year limited hardware warranty.

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My mom had breast cancer twice, once metastatic, which killed her when I was in 7th grade, but this is just a marketing scheme. I like the contribution, but it's done for the profits. people should donate on their own, not buy a pink mouse to make themselves feel better


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@ kg363, sorry for your loss. and i agree with you 100%.

But my mentality on this is.. if your going to buy a mouse. Why not buy the pink one that helps a little. if i were looking for a mouse this would be it. 3 year warranty, me likes!


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A favorite cousin is fighting breast cancer now. She beat it once but it came back a couple years later, and she says the prognosis this time is not good. At her request I make a couple moments each day to click at the breast cancer site
and the Care2 breast cancer site
- so it isn't that I don't care. But I'll pass on a bright pink mouse because I don't want to see it over the first cup of coffee in the morning. Just thinking about it... yikes...


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It may be done for profit, but perhaps it also gets people to donate that otherwise may not have. Sure, you could get a cheaper mouse and donate more, but would you go through with the larger donation? IF this does get those who would not have donated as much, or at all to do so, then I think it still has a positive impact.


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kg363 said:
I like the contribution, but it's done for the profits. people should donate on their own, not buy a pink mouse to make themselves feel better
I agree, but at the same time I would argue that people have a physical item to show their support, which others might ask them about and in general helps promotion...


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Just because I'm a perennial skeptic, I would like to see the dealer cost of this product, as opposed to, oh say, a blue one. I want to know for sure that the money is coming entirely out of M$'s pocket, and not partly from their distributers