Microsoft rolling out 'NoDo' update for Windows Phone 7


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After facing a delay to iron out a few issues Microsoft has finally begun distributing the first full update for Windows Phone 7 devices. Dubbed NoDo as in "No Donuts" -- in reference to Google's Android naming scheme -- the update brings the much awaited Copy and Paste functionality, as well as faster app and game performance, streamlined Marketplace search, improved Wi-Fi connectivity, Outlook and MMS and some tweaks for the Facebook integration.

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Not sure about their naming for this update. First thing that came to mind seeing 'NoDo' is "No! Don't do it!". Not No Doubt......

Now other than that, it looks like quite an update.


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My god, Google and Microsoft are both acting like spoilt little girls the last few months...

Seems like a few people from each company need locking in a room until they've resolved (OK, thats the polite reponse for words I can't say...) it...


dude the nodo update means No Donut it was suppose to be a jab at Andriod xD


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It's so funny to me they released their OS without copy paste. What a joke. Microsoft is going down the internet tubes.


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Your knowledge will be boosted immensely only if you just wikied for shortcomings of other mobile platforms upon their respective launch.