Microsoft's first update for Windows Phone 7 – released earlier this week – doesn't add any new features to devices but is needed for the early March update that will finally add copy and paste functionality. Yet, for such a relatively small patch it seems to be causing quite a bit of trouble. According to multiple reports across the web, users are experiencing everything from error codes to completely bricked, unusable phones.

The latter appears to be limited to Samsung devices and Microsoft has already pulled the software until it can fix whatever is causing the troubles. In an email response to WinRumors, the company confirmed it has identified a technical issue with the Windows Phone update process affecting a small number of phones, and says it will begin redistributing the update as soon as possible. For those who haven't been able to resuscitate their device after the update, Microsoft suggest they return to the store where they purchased it and exchange it for a new handset.

The company also published a guide on its website for anyone who is having other types of problems with the update. Using a table to show all error codes, explanations range from the phone not having the correct time and date to making sure your computer is connected to the Internet to ensuring there is enough free disk space.