Microsoft said to be planning Windows 10 event for late January

By Shawn Knight ยท 11 replies
Nov 28, 2014
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  1. Microsoft is planning to hold a Windows 10 media event in January in which the Redmond-based company will demonstrate several features of its next generation operating system.

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  2. GhostRyder

    GhostRyder This guy again... Posts: 2,198   +593

    Cant wait, I have the evaluation version on my new media PC and its honestly very good!
  3. What happened to windows 9?
  4. cliffordcooley

    cliffordcooley TS Guardian Fighter Posts: 9,730   +3,703

    Same thing that should have happened to Windows 8, scrubbed from existence before ever considered releasing to public.
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    Is it trolling when you speak your mind? If so, I'm definitely trolling. The thought that I might actually be trolling must mean I am trolling. Surely trolling is not speaking your mind, even though you know you might insight a riot. On second thought, talking about Windows 8 in a Windows 10 thread is trolling. It's not my fault I see the same trash in Windows 10 that I despise in Windows 8.
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  5. Skidmarksdeluxe

    Skidmarksdeluxe TS Evangelist Posts: 8,647   +3,274

    It's not trolling, it's your opinion, you're entitled to it and you shouldn't care if others don't agree with you. You've never insulted anyone that I've noticed and you don't force your opinions on others.
  6. What happened to windows 9?

    Windows Vista = Windows 6
    Windows 7 = Windows 6.5
    Windows 8 = Windows 6.1
    Windows 8.1 = Windows 6.2
    windows 9 = Windows ?
    Windows 10 = Windows 6.6

    Never forget "the revolutionary Windows 7 will be full rewritten and will be running on hundreds of microkernels and never will freeze"

    Cant wait.
  7. cliffordcooley

    cliffordcooley TS Guardian Fighter Posts: 9,730   +3,703

    What rubbish are you trying to pass off on us?
    Windows 95     4.00.950
    Windows 95 OSR2     4.00.1111
    Windows NT 4.0     4.00.1381
    Windows 98     4.10.1998
    Windows 98 SE     4.10.2222
    Windows ME     4.90.3000
    Windows 2000     5.00.2195
    Windows XP     5.1.2600
    Windows Server 2003     5.2.3790
    Windows Vista/Windows Server 2008     6.0.6000
    Windows Vista, SP2     6.0.6002
    Windows 7/Windows Server 2008 R2     6.1.7600
    Windows 7 SP1/Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1     6.1.7601
    Windows 8/Windows Server 2012     6.2.9200
    Windows 8.1/Windows Server 2012 R2     6.3.9600
    Windows 10 Technical Preview     6.4.9841
  8. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,477   +126

    That Guest, saying Windows 6 is going by what dos version is under Windows 7 for example:

    Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
    Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

  9. psycros

    psycros TS Evangelist Posts: 1,876   +1,297

    The main feature I want to see is being able to break off that stack of tiles and move them over the right side of the screen - they make an ideal sidebar. It would also be great if we could disable the "ribbon". For most of us, drop-down menus were easier to navigate and didn't waste all that space. Finally, bring back a little of the Aero-style beautification as well and most users will be overjoyed. We shouldn't need third parties to make Windows usable again.
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  10. Railman

    Railman TS Booster Posts: 708   +101

    That darned ribbon. The first sign that MS could not care less about its users.
  11. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    Yes, I like the evaluation version, and I would like to see an Aero type available for us hi-end PC users
  12. AJones

    AJones TS Rookie

    I tried the Technical Preview for a bit. Dual booting with 7. Its ...... o.k. , theres some definite improvements over 8/8.1 but it still looks like its made for phones/tablets. As a P.C. user I feel like I'm getting left in the closet by Microsoft. Ribbons and charms and flat colorless U.I.'s should stay where they belong I.e phones etc. I use a real computer and need/want "bling" and the opportunity to USE the power I paid for when I bought this machine.
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