Microsoft sells 8 million Kinect units in 60 days


TS Rookie
Microsoft has announced that it has sold 8 million units of its Kinect motion controller in the last 60 days. The company also took the opportunity to declare it has sold 50 million Xbox 360s to date and that the system has been the number one selling console in North America for the past six months. Xbox Live now has 30 million active members, adding a new one every two seconds.

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TechSpot Paladin
I do hope that all this wonderful Kinect, wireless guitars and drums, and accessories will work with Xbox Next (or whatever comes out) because that's a lot of hardware to re-purchase when this system gets refreshed.

But congrats to Microsoft on this big accomplishment. What I'm most impressed with is that their supply was able to keep up with the demand.


TechSpot Chancellor
The sales numbers are definitely impressive. But I want to see if these Kinect's are still being used 6 months from now or end up collecting dust as "just another novelty."


TS Evangelist
i bought one kinect last month. it was fun, until the games are getting boring and new games are not yet available.