Microsoft, Yahoo deal approved by US and EU

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It's been around six months since Microsoft and Yahoo announced their 10-year search alliance, and the European Commission along with the US Department of Justice have authorized the deal.

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this is a sad day...

Wish Ask looking for a buyer and Yahoo now just using Bing the "real" search competition has been reduced to 2 players, google and bing. There are things i find on yahoo that i cant find in bing or google (and vise versa of course). We are now left with one less choice, and personally i am not all that thrilled with google (good results but i have a grudge against the company, or any company that acts like your friend till it consumes you while your sleeping), and Bings results or often almost useless to me. Bing probably works fine for most people but if i am searching for something online its often something that is tricky to find, and bing fails me there most of the time.

Yahoo had so many things going for it, and I love Jboss and some of their other search related projects.

all in all, it just bothers me. The EU especially disappoints me here. They make this big stink about requiring options for things like web broswers and what not, but they have no problem allowing the search competition to be reduced to (essentially) 2 players?

....if anyone needs me i'll be in the angry dome (grumble mumble rant grumble)...
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