Microsoft's last CES keynote speech likened to an infomercial


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Thousands of people attended what will suppsoedly be Microsoft’s last opening keynote speech at the Consumer Electronics Show last night, which took place in the huge Palazzo Ballroom at the…

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I saw the keynote. Kind of a waste for me. I am totally pro-microsoft as far as their products go, but this keynote was kind of a joke.

The tweet choir almost made me sick. By far the worst part of the entire keynote. lol.

Microsoft had better do something about its public presentations. All the presenters reminded me to much of President Obozo with their utter dependence on their teleprompters. lol! They were almost robotic in their presentations and really wrecked it for me. Their excitement and "knowledge" was very put on and fake. I was very disappointed.

This is all besides the fact that it was all basically old news. I really wasted me time with this....


Actually, for us tech enthusiasts, there isn't a lot of whole new things revealed in the keynote. Hence it seemed boring to say the least.

However, for the others whom let say doesn't know or read about Windows 8 and Windows phone, (and those others are still a lot), the keynote was a teaser. May not have been the best teaser, but I know of people who were quite amazed when they saw it...