Miller Lite's 'Cantroller' is a beer can that doubles as a video game controller

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Much like the Consumer Electronics Show, E3 plays host to some weird and wacky creations. Case in point is the Cantroller, a promotional item from Miller Lite that’s part beer can, part wireless game controller. Wait, what?

The Cantroller at its heart is a 12-ounce can of beer. Dig deeper, however, and you’ll find a fully functional wireless game controller with Bluetooth connectivity and haptic feedback that can connect to your PC or game console. The 10-button controller features three hours of battery life thanks to a lithium ion pack that’s fully rechargeable via micro USB.

No word yet on whether or not Miller Lite plans to extend the promotion to other of-age drinkers outside of E3.

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Miller Lite is what I fill my garage fridge with for other folks to drink.
Good all around brew.
Myself? I drink Sam Adams.
Go to happy hour and down 3-4 Summer Ale Drafts, you'll sleep like a baby.
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Speechless ..... absolutely speechless ......
Of course, if they had done that with a 1/5th of Jim Beam black label, that would be a different story!


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What happens if hold the controller too tight? Will the beer can bend as easily as a normal one? :D