Mobo Setting Incorrect Timings?

By EXCellR8
Nov 22, 2008
  1. I just bought a pair of 1GB G.Skill RAM modules for my system but I noticed something that doesn't seem right to me. I installed the new sticks and Windows booted fine. However, when I launched CPU-Z my timings were not what they were supposed to be. These sticks are rated at 5-5-5-15 and CPU-Z read 5-5-5-31.

    Is this just because they are running in dual channel mode or is the motherboard setting the wrong timings? I have the command rate set at 2T and my FSB/DRAM ratio is 2:3. This just doesn't seem right to me and I'd like to know why this is happening. The RAM is also running on 1.8v opposed to the 2.0v that is displayed on the label with the correct timings. If someone could point me in the right direction that would be great. Thanks in advance.
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    I would assume that your motherboard is just setting up slower default values for RAM that doesn't quite have as tight timings and are not made for operation at 2.0v. This is just a precaution, if the bios set the RAM too fast, some RAM might not be able to pull it off and you wouldn't be able to boot up.

    I don't think dual channel mode really makes a difference, you can go ahead into your BIOS and set the timings to 5 - 5 - 5 - 15, but you will probably also have to up the voltage too. Note that 1T is faster than 2T.

    Its always a good idea to know how to reset your motherboard just in case something bad happens and you can't boot into the BIOS.
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    Alright I have the timings set manually now and it booted right up with the recommended settings. I thought it was just weird though because my last set of DDR2 modules were set at 5-5-5-15 automatically by my motherboard and those were rated at 4-4-4-12 I think. I figured if I bought a pair of sticks that were designed to run at 5-5-5-15, then the motherboard wouldn't change anything. I had the voltage to 2.1v as well so I guess my motherboard is just daft or something.
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