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Feb 7, 2010
  1. Does anyone know a good laser printer model? I'm very dissatisfied with Inkjet printers and how much ink they burn through quickly. I've heard Laser Printers are far more efficient ink-wise and I'm looking for the best model for home use. Anyone know a good one?

  2. Archean

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    What is your budget for this venture?
  3. dipo003

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    I recommend hp laserjet printer. U can check their website for more info

  4. boxhill

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    I've always had good luck with HP Laserjets. I currently have a 1000. It is smaller and lighter and cheaper than my old, circa 1989 Laserjet III, and frankly not really as good. The Laserjet III was IMHO better built: it always printed straight, it dealt well with cardstock and other very heavy papers. The tradeoff is price, size, and weight. The 1000 is infinitely better at standard B&W printing than any inkjet, though. Depending on your budget and your needs, you might want to look into a color laser printer these days. But I would definitely stick with HP. This seems to be one thing they do better than anyone else.
  5. Archean

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    I can't do anything but agree with you; I never liked printers from any other manufacturers, Epson/Lexar etc. etc. etc. I still have 4L / 6P running since last century :). Although I had LJ III at work but couple of years ago I send it into retirement with complete honors and replaced it with 4250.

    I think 1000 series LJs are pretty decent for every day normal user; however if you want to go color there are 2000 series printers.
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