Monitors won't come on during startup

By usand3kdz
Feb 9, 2012
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  1. I use two monitors with my pc, but they won't come on during startup. I assumed my powersupply was going down since the computer would randomly shut off and wouldn't turn off by pressing the button. Yes, it would turn off if I went to start, etc. I did clean all the dust inside the machine, fans, etc. (a routine clean). I bought a new power supply, but I still have the same problem--the monitors won't come on, but they work fine on another computer. I'm puzzled to what is wrong with the computer. Could it be the video card?
  2. amythompson172

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    The most logical reason for this, if it wasnt your PSU, would be the videocard. If you have any other cards, i suggest you plug that one in and see what happeneds with the monitors. Obviously, if the monitors work after that, it is your video card.

    Now you said your monitors dont start immediatly on startup, but they do eventually, correct?

    In regards to the random reboots, I have the same problem, and it stems from ATI drivers, but there are old drivers from ATI I can use that DONT cause reboots. The first step to troubleshoot that problem would be to uninstall graphic drivers. If you can use your computer without these reboots, then we just pinpointed the problem (the drivers). After that you may have quite a shitty time with trial and error on older versions of the drivers.
  3. usand3kdz

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    Thanks for the info.. Sadly I don't have a video card to try, but I so tempted to order one.
  4. MrBlkfx1

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    Does your motherboard have any onboard graphics? You could test them using that. That way, you will not waste cash on a card that you do not need.

    But honestly.. No video upon boot could be a lot of things. Especially since the PC will shut off after you turn it on. If it was just a video card problem. I think the PC would keep running.. just continue to not show any video.

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