More details emerge regarding Nvidia's next hybrid game console

Shawn Knight

TechSpot Staff
Staff member
A report from the BBC today sheds a bit of light on Nvidia's next handheld gaming system. The new gaming device, which sounds a lot like the Nvidia Shield Tablet we've been hearing about lately, will be able to play...

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TS Evangelist
Is something wrong with a PSP-esq form factor? why the shield's inconvenient design and now probably a tablet?
A gaming tablet makes complete sense if the primary hardware is affordable. If its $600 then Nvidia is wasting our time. You only want to play casual Android games? Use pure tablet mode. Want some emulator actcion? Turn on your controller accessory and go crazy. Want to play some serious *Windows* games? Plug in an AC adapter and maybe a wireless keyboard (or maybe just a k/b with extra battery). Chances are, Nvidia has realized the same thing that a lot of us have regarding Surface. Microsoft missed a great opportunity to build possibly the most flexible, high-end mobile gaming hardware ever.