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Motherboard fried, other components safe?

By Brent062891
Jun 3, 2015
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  1. Good day!

    While playing, my pc suddenly goes off the other day. Then when I tried to start it again, there were no beep, post nor video. So I thought it was probably due to heat, so I tried to dust my pc, reseat the heatsink and memory. Then I was able to make it boot again, but suddenly goes off again. And it will now only boot up after I let it rest for a while. I was successful to boot it up another time and did some prime95, I think I was able to do some 30 min - 1 hr test on each of the 3 tests and all displayed no error. Then I tried to restart it so that I can do a memtest but it won't boot again no matter what I do. I also tried to clear cmos by removing the battery and by shorting the clear cmos pins. Also tried to assemble the components outside of the case laying in a cardboard sheet. Still no beeps or post.

    After reading a couple dozens of thread with the same symptoms, I believed the culprit was either the motherboard or the PSU. I went to my friends house to try his PSU on my motherboard, and there were no post nor beep, same as before. I tried my PSU on his PC and it worked like a charm.
    So the motherboard was the culprit.

    Now my problem is, what made my motherboard defective? These are some of the things that could've caused it or signs of the impending problem.
    1.) I overclocked my APU's graphics part from 833 mhz to 1013 mhz with no increase in volts.
    2.) Maybe defective PSU, I opened it up and found like a coffee stains on its circuits.
    3.) It started a couple of months ago, I always felt some electricity when I touch my case (some threads points it to faulty psu)
    4.) My monitor is on VGA, but everynow and then, I use our HDTV on HDMI, and sometimes it reports no signal for a 0.5 to 1 second.
    5.) There was a lightning storm the night before it broke, and me and my friends played NBA2k15 all night long.
    6.) I'm also suspecting faulty electric wiring, because our house is really old, I think 20-30 years old.

    I have no problem buying a new motherboard, but can I rule out all the other components (especially PSU)?

    Thanks in advance!

    Procie: AMD A10-6800k
    Mobo: Gigabyte F2A75M-D3H
    Ram: G.skill Ripjaws X (2x4GB) 2133 mhz
    PSU: Aerocool Strike-x 500w
  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,231   +234

    The only thing to do is to use the old parts and keep your fingers crossed :)

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