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By snacks
Mar 18, 2011
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  1. I need to organize folders with pictures into another folder. Except Windows XP has a problem with that, and every time you try to move folders, it's going to alphabetize them by name. Of course I don't name my pictures alphabetically, so that isn't going to work. Is there a way to move a folder with pictures into a different folder but keep the order the pictures are already in?
  2. gbhall

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    Of course, you are confusing everyone by describing 'move a folder with pictures into a different folder'. As far as I can understand you, you want to either

    Rename an existing folder leaving the existing folder files intact
    Move files from one folder into another folder which already has files in it
    Move a folder full of files as a whole into another folder (i.e. make it a subfolder)

    Your intention might be the second option. In that case, how on earth do you expect 'the order of pictures' to remain the same?

    You don't seem to be aware that in Windows explorer, the order of files is, by default, alphabetic, but you can decide on a folder by folder basis, to see then in a different order - that is one of the headings seen in list view. Which can be 20 or more different sequences.

    Do this. In Windows explorer, click the 'view' menu option. Just over half-way down is an option 'Choose details...' and that opens a panel showing a huge list of details about the files that you can display, which you want to show in the details list, and the order you want to display them (as columns).

    Once you have absorbed that, we'll come to how you see them sorted.....on one of those columns.....every time.
  3. captaincranky

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    With a master folder in "thumbnail view", you can organize internal folders into any order you choose. By switching the "view" to "list", you can re-alphabetize them.

    I'd just install "Photoshop Elements" and organize things with that. You can see groups of things you choose by using "tags" and "collections", both of which override any physical order the images might have on the HDD.

    Windows XP's ability to scale images in the picture viewer is poor at best. The Adobe program does a much better job with this also.

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