Moving XP's Documents & Settings

By hubovetz
Feb 25, 2010
  1. Hi everybody, I'm new here. Just came across this site due 2 google search that led me 2 an article topic67171 on this site that is now closed.

    In this post there was a reference 2 MS support article 314843 that briefly explained using an unattend.txt file.

    Just got done installing XP and now I have my Doc & Set. in C:. Before I go and invest more time with updates, etc. I was hoping that someone might b able 2 expand on this article by MS.

    I want 2 place my Documents & Settings in "D" but I am an bit lost about the
    . I more or less understand the text file part although I am not sure where 2 place the file.

    Anybody successfully made use of this or understand it?
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