MSI reveals 3D notebook, new gaming laptops, more

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Jan 6, 2010
  1. Confirming pre-CES speculation, MSI has announced new gaming notebooks, netbooks, a dual-screen e-book reader concept and more. The company's new G-Series gaming notebooks include models GT640, GT740, GX640 and GX740. The GT-branded laptops feature Intel's Core i7 CPUs, while the GX-line is built around the i5 -- all models feature discrete 3D graphics.

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  2. TomSEA

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    I'm still having problems accepting laptops/notebooks as "gaming" rigs. Besides the small screens, what sort of fps at a decent resolution are you really going to get with some of the more demanding games?
  3. ET3D

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    If you're willing to accept a core i5 750 and Radeon 5770 as reasonable a gaming rig,then you shouldn't have a problem with gaming laptops, some of which will be more powerful that that. You'll never get an equivalent of a top of the range PC, but you'll definitely get something that you can game on. That said, you'll be losing some of the portability benefits of notebooks (size, weight, battery life). It'd still be a lot more portable than the desktop. :)

    (This message was edited. I originally thought there'd be more powerful Radeon cards offered, but apparently AMD's top of the range mobile 5800 card is the equivalent of desktop 5700. Still, there are desktop replacements which are more powerful than this, but not in the announced MSI range.)
  4. ET3D

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    That MSI e-book reader really has my attention. From the press release, I gather it's Atom based and running Windows 7, and it they manage to couple that with a screen such as E-Ink or Pixel Qi, then it'd definitely be what I'm looking for in a reader, which is something flexible enough to read all the formats I want. My main worry is the weight (and that it won't live up to the expectations I just raised).
  5. ET3D

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    I've edited the post regarding gaming notebooks in the forum, but this apparently doesn't affect the news page, so here goes again:

    Turns out the Mobility Radeon 5870 is somewhere between a desktop 5750 and 5770. Still pretty decent for gaming, as you can see here: (granted, these are ATI slides, not independent benchmarks, and obviously geared to show good results, but hopefully not too far from reality). It's possible to find desktop replacements which are even more powerful (using desktop components), but even less portable.
  6. ET3D

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  7. ET3D

    ET3D TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,377   +168

  8. compdata

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    I got a laptop that allows me to do gaming (maybe not the highest res or highest settings on all games), but i have never been one to spend $50 on a brand new game. I am perfectly ok with waiting a bit for the price to come down.
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