MSI's GS30 Shadow notebook transforms into a gaming desktop via GamingDock accessory

Shawn Knight

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MSI's new GS30 Shadow notebook is classified as a gaming system. While the machine does ship with an Intel Core i7, its Iris Pro integrated GPU - while impressive for an integrated solution - is certainly no match for a...

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Looks like a small oven.... will it take poptarts of my choice as well as cards


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Whoa, now that is a cool idea! With the portable GPU was slightly better but man imagine having that at LAN parties!


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Or I could just build a SFF PC and nice LAN party friendly monitor and be done with it, then I can upgrade anything I want.

This seems silly to me.


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So you need a massive thing to stick a gpu inside to play games on your laptop and in a few years down the road this thing will be a pile of trash because msi wont keep it updated driver wise and no one wants a box under their laptop...

If it was smaller then ye and it looks like it will cost more then the laptop...
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I can see where this might be attractive to the 'single computer' crowd.

Instead of being stuck lugging around a 17" monster just to be able to play some games this is a smaller and lighter laptop offering which may allow some less demanding gaming (with very reduced settings) on the go while offering the ability to have single DESKTOP GPU performance while docked.

A very interesting solution indeed.


This is an impressive concept for those of us who d not want a Desktop and a laptop. I love gaming, but I have to have a laptop for work. With this machine I could keep my gaming desires confined to my home and have a light and acceptable laptop for work. And it is upgradeable>??? For me this is like having my cake, and eating it too! I would love to see more companies pick up this model and go with it.