Multiple PC problems

By whakoworld
Nov 8, 2010
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  1. Right this is a bit of a wail for help as i am building a pc for someone and i am majorly not getting anywhere.

    It was supposed to be a straight swap of my old computer to a new case. I decided to get a faster processor, supposedly easy enough. Anyway, during transit the motherboard was fried apparently and now i have found myself having to replace most of the bits. I'm having multiple problems with the darn thing now.
    Firstly i can't seem to put anything in any of the pci slots, as then the pc will load to windows, then say windows explorer has encountered a problem and freeze. So for the moment i've resorted to having no extra cards in the case apart from the gpu.
    It wasnt even coming up with an image for ages either, until last night, when i did... something? and the image appeared on the monitor. celebration!

    So i decided to try and do some more work on it today, and now, the blasted thing has returned to not showing an image, but not bringing up the no signal message either. Im stumped. Any quick suggestions on what might be the problem?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. mailpup

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  3. Edward Catflap

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    If mailpup's link doesn't fit the bill, have you run the machine's parts through any diagnostic tests, eg. RAM (Memtest86+) and hard drive (Drive Fitness Test or equivalent)? From experience those two components cause major issues, and based on your non-existent VGA the RAM could be a possibility. Power Supply output is something you should check too.
  4. jaydeee

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    if formatting your computer will not help then Its time to check your hardware.

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