My computer is constantly stuttering

Hi everyone i'm new to this for but my computer is making me take some time to find some real help for it. About a few months ago, My computer started getting a really bad habit of making everything on my computer have a 1 sec delay. I would move my mouse and it would freeze for 1 sec and then proceed to move the mouse and i would try to move it towards my target destination but not before it would lag again. I've notice that it gets especially bad when i load up a game(League of legends especially). i'm not sure what to do at this point seeing as i have tried mainly everything.( scanning my computer, scanning registry, uninstalling league of legends). If anyone could help with this situation i would appreciate it as i'm getting worried.

My Specs.

Windows 7 64 bit
Evga Gtx 570
Intel i7-2600k
MSI P67A-C43
Rosewill 650W PSU


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What kind of readings are you getting for your psu?

What hdd is your information on and are you running windows in low power mode?
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I'm sorry but how would i check for that information

I am running Eset antivirus


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Rosewills power supplies are not the best. You might swap it out and see if your computer runs better