My Computer Lags in Youtube

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Nov 12, 2009
  1. I do not understand why my computer from time to time gets slowed down by Youtube Videos and sometimes the sound and the video slow down a bit and from there on is just trouble. What happens is that after my Video begins to lag it starts to repeat a sound consistently over 10-15 times per second or 20-30 times per every 2 second and that gets super annoying after that my computer gets back to stream sound and video perfectly and everything works fine. But there are times when my computer starts to do that and it doesn't stop and when that happens I get a huge blue screen and it says if this is your first time seeing this don't worry we have made sure we turned everything off and your memory nor hard disk will suffer consequence. But I really WANT TO FIX THIS...I hope is not a DDL problem with a certain unknown hardware driver making an incorrect protocol and shutting my system down or making it have BSOD hence that shouldn't happen because my computer is fairly new I just got it 2 to 3 months ago and now if anything happens I got to ship it to Acer for maintenance I don't want to do that. Anyone here could you help me please?
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    Go here:
    8-Step Virus & Malware Removal Instructions

    Lets see if your NEW computer is infected. Even a new computer hours old can become infected, if no protection software is installed or active. Take your time, and post the 3 logs required
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    Mr. Tmagic650 thank you for your support but I believe you misunderstood, the problem is not a Virus Protection Program that came with my computer and I already know how to use them and do my own PC scans for viruses, Trojans, and malware. The only problem is with my computer doing what I explained earlier this isn't caused by a virus I believe it's a DDL error with a Hardware problem. I hope it's not but I believe strongly that it may be the problem and to fix those type of problems are difficult for a computer NON-Specialist to do. But however, if I were to be given professional directions I would comply.
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    DDL? Do you mean DLL Dynamic Link Library? Do you have Adobe Flash, and Sun's Java installed properly? Is Windows fully updated? Even a new computer needs many Windows Updates installed. What Windows version are you running?
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    Hello Again.

    Yeah I do have Windows installed I have Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3. Furthermore yeah I believe they are all definitely installed correctly hence my computer came like this and it was already pre-installed by I believe professional assemblers and software makers and programmers correct I mean I bought this computer brand new, no gimmicks no nothing brand new never opened. So I believe all the drivers are installed correctly I mean I am no pro to mess with it's software or shape it or change it in any way. So therefore I am just wondering perhaps this computer had a error in the hardware but all of their tests weren't able to catch it do you think that may be a possibility?
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    So do you have Flash and Java installed?
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