My Dillema! Need ideas!

By Midgetmax ยท 4 replies
Apr 22, 2010
  1. Ok so my main setup is a quad-core, 4gb ram, HD4850, yada yada. I recently obtained an older Athlon 64, 1 gig ram and an Nvidia 7600GT i was planning on using for a bluray/media center for my new 42" plasma. The video card (7600) is out dated (along with a couple blown capacitors, but it still works fine), and the PSU has 1 bad fan that doesnt work at all... none the less the machine handles windows 7 just fine and plays all my videos on my TV perfectly. So where is my dilemma? The Athlon setup isnt capable of running Blu ray due to the video card. I thought about just replacing the failing 7600, but i dont want to spend any more money on that PC. and Obviously the computer is showing age, so i would really like to just trash it all together, but im running dual screens on my main PC and would really like to run a third (my TV, so i could just play my videos and blu rays from one computer).... but i dont have an extra PCI-e slot for a second vid card and all the PCI cards are too expensive for old technology. I was thinking of running a splitter off of one of my monitors, but that would just clone that side of my desktop onto my TV and would be the wrong resolution. Does anyone have any cost effective ideas for me?!?! im running out of options! just through some ideas out at me please!
  2. rislyy001

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    I know little about what you said, but if you want to watch Blu-ray on your computer,you can rip it then play it on your computer again.
  3. Archean

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    I am unsure, but I guess a 5000 series card may be helpful, as something like 5770 can run three displays at once (it costs around 160$). Additionally it will offer you roughly same or better performance as your existing 4850.
  4. Ritwik7

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    I would second Archean on that one.
  5. Midgetmax

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    Yea i was looking at the 5xxx cards, but i was trying to figure out a way to not spend that much money. My old LCD blew up and i had to buy a new tv so i just blew my load on a 42" pun intended haha. hmmmim going to keep looking around for ideas, or try to get the 7600gt to play blu ray... thanks for the suggestions guys
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