My PC does not give display when I start my computer but gives display when I restart


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My pc does not give display when i start my computer but gives display when i restart it.
My motherbord model is asus P5GC-MX/1333
recently i opened my cabinate and did some cleaning work+ i formated my pc with windows xp sp2
can anyone help me
thank you....


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Help ya

Does it not respond at all or do you not get anything on your screen when the computer is on? (If your computer doens't respond at all then this might help you if it just doens't get anything on the screen tell me). alright what you first want to do is make sure nothing was bumped. Make sure all the cords are connected because you might have unplugged your power switch or somthing like that (but i highly suggest you check all your power cords just to be sure). If you don't have any unpluged wires then it could be your powersupply (But if only your screen isn't working when you press the boot button then it could be your graphics card) anyway if it's your powersupply then you might want to have a person that's good at checking the power in your computer because theres certain Voltages that you have to know to check it. I could give you a whole howdown on how to do it but i don't really suggest it considering that it would take a long time to expain and it would be just easyer to have a teck do it then do it yourself. If you have any more questions like your screen has the green light on when you start up your computer then just comment on this post.


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See whn i start the computer using start button computer starts bt does not giv display on screen,computer is working bt u cant see anything on display.whn i restart it it gives display