My PC won’t turn on unless I fully unplug it

Every time I go to turn on my PC it won’t. I know there’s power running through my PC as all the lighting is turned on e.g. graphics card. When I turn it off and unplug it, when I turn it back on it turns on instantly. At first I thought it was my power button but now I’m not too sure. Every single time I want to turn on my PC I have to unplug it.


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Hmmm. What are your specs and what is your power supply rating? Any overclocking? Also, any performance issues or throttling while playing or under heaving load?


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Reset the bios, update the firmware.

See if the machine runs fine.

If not then -
Do a minimum config outside the case on a box.
Try a new power supply.
Try a new mainboard.
Try new ram

The possibilities that come to mind are:

-Post issues - either bad configuration or firmware bug
-Ram issues
-electrical connection issues on the mainboard (devices plugged in making partial connections), shorts
-electrical trace issues IN the mainboard (cracked mainboard) or bad caps, bad ground, bad power plane, shorts,
-Power supply issues - poor voltage regulation etc.,