My review of a great iPhone 6 Battery Case

By Jad Chaar
Feb 26, 2015
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  1. I recently got hold of the Anker Ultra Slim battery case for the iPhone 6 and decided to write an in-depth review for someone looking for a mobile battery case for their iPhone 6!

    First impressions

    The installation of the case was easy and straightforward. After installing the case on my iPhone 6, I used my phone for a little while and was pleased at the sturdiness and build-quality of the case. I have never used a battery case on my iPhone before so I was instantly shocked at how abnormal usage felt at first (the extra elongation of the case makes the home button position seem odd and the weight distribution feels different), but that feeling goes away after a few hours of usage.

    Pros/Cons after a few days of usage
    1. Provides extra valuable battery life when you need it.
    2. Easy to install, charge, and use.
    3. Looks premium.
    4. Great build quality.
    5. Comes with an audio jack extender and micro-USB charging cable.
    1. Adds a bit of weight to the phone, but this is to be expected.
    2. Doesn’t provide a huge amount of protection from falls.
    3. Makes the phone seem elongated and bulky, but this is common among battery cases.
    4. Slick material, but you get used to it after a while.

    This is a great battery case at an affordable price. It doesn’t offer much in the way of protection, but that is understandable because it uses the space instead to store an extra battery to keep your phone running for longer. Basically, if you want a protective case, look at something like the Anker Ultra Protective case, but if you want extra battery power on the go, look no further because this is the best one out there in terms of cost and performance. It is thin and light and buying one doesn’t break the bank.

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