My WiFi on my laptop won't work but works with Ethernet cable

Hi! I don't know much about this place but there's a problem with my laptop and I don't know how to solve it. My laptop won't connect to the wifi anymore but it works perfectly fine with the ethernet cable. I appreciate it very much if you tech geniuses could help me out. THANK YOU!


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You may need to simply update the driver. Typically a laptop has three controllers for internet. The controller itself, the LAN controller and the Ethernet controller. Go to your device manager and see if there is a " ! " inside a yellow triangle under internet devices. Even if there is not, updating the driver may still work.
Sorry for the really really really late reply but I don't know how to update my driver. And no there is no yellow ! . tnx in advance


I have the same problem I can't connect to the internet wireless, but I can with the Ethernet cable.


All of the other devices can connect to our internet, but mine computer can't. If anyone knows what to do please tell me! I also have Windows 8.


Two typical issues:
  1. leaving the wired connection active and trying to connect with the WiFi at the same time
  2. allowing IPv6 to be active on the home LAN - - disable it


I have solved the problem by myself. To do this, first you have to disconnect your Ethernet cable from your laptop and follow the steps: Start>Control Panel>Network and Sharing Center>Manage Wireless Networks and remove all wireless connections by right click on it and select Remove network from the drop down menu. After doing this, close the windows and scan for the Wi-Fi networks. Click on the available network and select connect. After a while, you will be asked to give a password for your Wi-Fi connection. Type the password and click on connect button. And now will be connected to your Wi-Fi network via wireless.

May be it will help you.

I'm having the same problem. Just bought a new laptop and loaded all my files/programs ect and connect to the internet through the wifi and its SO SLOW!!! It takes so long to load pages that sometimes I get kicked off before the connection timed out, but all my other devices(phones and tablets) connect to the internet through the wifi and are fast and have no downloading problems. I can connect my laptop using the ethernet cable and the internet works, but slowly - not as slowly as though wifi, but not as fast as on my other devices. I have tried flushing DNS, typing in new DNS's....nothing works!!!!! I have also had my service provider out here to check that its not a problem on their side, and when the hook up their computers to me network, their computer work fine!;( I must mentioned that when I purchased this computer it came standard with Windows 7 and I updated it to Windows 10. Is there a setting that's messing with the wifi settings??? Please help, I'm getting ready to send this laptop back.



Typically the slowness is a timeout for accessing the DNS, then it gets retried on the alternative and succeeds.
I managed to solve this problem myself (windows 10) but I am in no means an expert. This is just how I managed to do it...

I had the same problem - 'no Wi-Fi networks were available', although other devices could connect without a problem.
I went to Settings - Network & Internet - Status - Change Adapter Options. I then right-clicked 'Ethernet' and disabled it. I did the same with Wi-Fi. I then (with Ethernet still disabled) enabled WiFi. It should re-connect to your Wi-Fi after a while. (If this doesn't work, after following these steps, troubleshoot the Wi-Fi).

I hope this helped! :D


Yes, you can ONLY have one adapter active at a time, otherwise the routing table gets fouled up and which ever connection is made last will not operate correctly
I can't connect to Wi-Fi, but I can to an Ethernet Cable. I disabled the Ethernet Cable but, Its the only thing I can Enable/Disable. Please Help! I have a Windows 8 Laptop Updated to 8.1. Thanks!
Hey GameBrayanBro, I have the same version of windows and I got my wifi to work again by turning off that Ethernet in the settings then restarting my computer. When I got back on I was connected to my normal network immediately. I don't know if that'll work for you but I hope it does!
Hi, I have been having problems trying to update my windows 8 to 10. During the download process a message comes up that 'something went wrong' and it cancels. The error code is 0x80190001. Any ideas?
I have the same problem, no internet unless I have an ethernet cable plugged in, but whenever I go to Network Connections, It only shows Bluetooth Network Connection 2 and Ethernet. Please help. Im on windows 10 and I have barley any clue as to what I am doing.


I have the same problem, no internet unless I have an ethernet cable plugged in, but whenever I go to Network Connections, It only shows Bluetooth Network Connection 2 and Ethernet. Please help. Im on windows 10 and I have barley any clue as to what I am doing.
Don't try accessing WiFi when already connected via Ethernet - - be sure it is disconnected first.
I have this problem just taken to kind of an extreme. When I'm not plugged with ethernet, not only can I not connect to Wifi, it doesn't even show up as an option in the settings. When in the "Change Adapter Settings" in Network & Internet settings, the only connection appearing is ethernet. How do I get my Wifi back?? :'((


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