My XP and vista

By XoXGrillzXoX
Oct 7, 2008
  1. okay here is my deal im not sure if im posting in the right forum.well this is my thing i bought my computer which is a comaq presiro with windows xp on it already.well me and my gf wanted to try vista so we went a bought a vista disk and put it in our computer and booted the computer up well we deleted the partition space in drive c: and copied the vista on that after deleting.anyway we hate vista so bad its so crappy it freezes and its slow and crashes our computer. So we wanted to put xp back on here and i have tried everything in my mind to get this to work right.but we deleted the partion again and re-installed xp missing alot of stuff. like for example,stuff in my device manager,modem,ports,ect and it wont even detect my modem or a internet connection at i had to install vista again. and im trying to find a way to get xp to work can anyone give me any advice please. thanks
  2. kimsland

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    Oh download all your Drivers and save them to CD (ideally with the zip files extracted already)

    Hp Drivers

    But make sure they're Xp drivers !!
  3. XoXGrillzXoX

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    okay how do i do do i download all the drivers for xp and save them? do i download all the drivers for xp and put them in a blank folder from the desktop and zip it and burn in to a cd and load it after xp is done installing or what. sorry if i sound stupid
  4. kimsland

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    I went offline, and you probably have done it by now, but anyway

    Download all Xp drivers to a new folder, created on the Desktop
    Some of the drivers may be zipped up, you could unzip them, a this stage
    Then burn the entire folder to a CD

    Then install Windows Xp, removing the Partition
    (you do not need to manually create a new partition, as Windows setup will do this automatically)
    Then at last when Windows has fully been set up
    Copy the Drivers folder to the Xp Desktop

    Install the drivers

    Some you may just be able to run
    Some may extract to it's own folder on C:\Dell somewhere (usually)
    And some are already extracted (possibly with a Setup file inside)

    Manually installing the drivers is by going to Device Manager
    Start->Run-> Devmgmt.msc
    Then right clicking on the queried device
    Properties, then update driver
    Do not search web, manually browse for the driver
    And browse to the extracted folder with the drivers in.
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