Need advice about Spyware/Malware

By Mellkat86
Feb 17, 2011
  1. I was recently on my boyfriend's computer and was looking for a website I had visited before and wanted to view again. I was using Chrome and went into his history, he uses chrome as well, started scrolling down. I notice there was an entry that should not be there one bit, (I don't want to go into details about what the site was). I asked him about it and he said it must be some spyware/malware that he gotten before christmas and thought he'd gotten it all out.

    My problem is, the way I understand spyware/malware is that it doesn't do google searches for websites it is going to pop up at you. It just instantly loads the page. Also, one of the searches was spelt wrong. This I would think would be human error, as the spyware/malware wouldn't spell anything wrong, no matter how many times it entered something, as it's restricted with the entry/address that was given to it. The entries as well, weren't typical of what I suspect for spyware/malware, as they were only times when my boyfriend was looking at something. It wasn't making entries for the times that I was using his computer. And he says that nothing ever popped up on his screen, so it was opening google, making a search for this site and then entering the site, whilst he was using it.

    Could anyone shed any light or know of something similar?
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    I'm not sure, if I understand.
    Is the computer having any issues?
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