Need advice for new motherboard!

By ruben1123
Aug 21, 2011
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  1. hi,
    I have quite an old pc and videocard etc... so i want to upgrade it.
    First i want to start at my mother board, does anyone has a idea on which one i should take?
    i was thinking of the Intelsocket 1155...
    and my budget well... i dont really have one but i would appreciate anything below 200 i live in holland so we have euro's here dont mind about that i will calculate it into euro's so...
    anyway i have a HP compaq D530 with a Geforce fx 5200 128 mb videocard and a Intel (R) Pentium (R) 4 cpu 2.66 GHz processor makes sence to me that i want new stuff...
    so i would like to hear from you guys on what should i do!
  2. mailpup

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    It would be good to know the PC's intended purpose. The problem is if you change your motherboard to a new socket 1155, you will have to buy a new socket 1155 CPU and new RAM as well. If you want play any modern games, you will want a new PCI-E graphics card too. If not, you can choose a motherboard with built in graphics. Your old power supply will probably require upgrading too. Your old hard drive is probably an IDE drive and some motherboards have stopped natively supporting IDE drives. So if you want to continue to use your old one, choose accordingly.

    By the time you replace all these parts you practically have a new PC so you might as well just build an all new one. You can keep the old PC as a backup.

    Since any upgraded or new PC will require buying more components than you planned, you will need to revise your original budget. Don't forget to include the cost of a new operating system.
  3. ruben1123

    ruben1123 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    why should i buy new ram? is the motherboard not compatible or something cause i have these kinda chips dont know how you call them but i can insert them on any pc i get my most ram out of that so if i insert them on my new motherboard that wont be a problem right?

    And if im going to build a new pc (thats probaly the thing im gonna do) do you have any tips on what to build in it? and whats that gonna cost?
    thnx that you posted it so fast or i already bought one....
    and as operation system i just should pick windows 7 right?
    anyway thnx!
  4. mailpup

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    Any 1155 motherboard uses DDR3 RAM. Your old DDR RAM is not compatible and will not physically fit on the new motherboard.

    For anyone to recommend a PC case or other components you should state what is the new PC's intended purpose and what is your budget. As for an operating system, you should use Windows 7 but there are different variations of Windows 7. Which one depends on what the PC is for.

    You should take a look at TechSpot's buying guide for some ideas.

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