Need advice on cooling a computer built in drawer


I have my eyes set on the RTX 3080 and therefore have to say goodbye to my mini ITX case.

This gives me the oportunity to start a project which has been in the back of my mind for some time now. I would really like to skip buying a new case and build the system in a large drawer I have available. All the wiring is already in place since my current computer is located on top of the closet.

See photos of the closet below

I am planning to duplicate the top shelf where I would then cut a hole (or several) and install a grill/vent to allow for airflow.

The problem however, is that the top side is the only element of the closet which I can duplicate (or cut into). I rent the apprtement so I cannot and do not want to cut into the owner's furniture. Duplicating the whole drawer is too complex (especially since we are currently in a lockdown in our country so hardware stores are closed).

I would like some advice about cooling the inside of the drawer knowing that both the intake and exhaust will have to be located on the top. Is there an option for this without creating a short airflow circuit that does not reach the components? How many holes should I make? What dimensions should they be? How far should they be apart?

The inside dimensions of the drawer are:

Depth = 23 cm
Width = 48,5 cm
length = 53 cm

My computer components are:
  • Intel i7 9700
  • D416GB 2400-16 Vengeance LPX
  • Noctua NH-L12S
  • 750W PSU
Case fans I will need to buy. So any advice in this regards is helpful as well.