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By DragonBane
Dec 4, 2009
  1. I have had my computer for a good 2-3 years now and have been trying to play some newer games on it. I upgraded the GFX card to a nVidia 9800 GT 512 MB card and added a 800W PSU and expanded to 2 GB of RAM. Now i want to overclock the system a bit. I've heard recently that mixing memory brands is bad, but I did it a few years ago when I had absolutely no knowledge of computers.

    I've done a little research on my own, but don't want to hurt anything vital. It seems you might need some of the information about my computer.

    Some specs:

    Computer: Gateway GT 5220


    1024 MB stick of Kingston. I know they're DDR2 but idk what the number after that is.. I see a few numbers that might help in CPU-Z which are PC2-4300 (266MHz)
    2 sticks of 512 MB of Samsung (same numbers as kingston)

    CPU & MOBO


    AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ "windsor"

    MOBO: (idk anything about it so i'll list everything i can find and hope someone can help)

    Manufacturer: Elitegroup
    Model: c51pvgm-gb
    NVIDIA GeForce 6150 AM2 uBTX 1394 Motherboard
    ECS C51PVGM-GB Version 1.0 System Board
    NVIDIA GeForce 6150
    DDR2 DIMM sockets support 533/667/800 MHz modules

    I'm attatching screen shots of information about my system. I hope they're of some use.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. CMH

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    Ur not in luck m8, you bought a "branded" computer.

    Chances aren't good that you can even attempt to overclock the system.

    Another thing to your disadvantage is that it seems to be a micro-BTX board. There aren't many of those around, and they definitely aren't targeted towards overclockers/gamers, which again means that there may not be any overclocking facilities on it.

    Hopefully someone else may be able to help.
  3. Ritwik7

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    Before you decide on OCing, get yourself a decent aftermarket HSF. The main problem is with high temperatures.

    In order to overclock, you'll have to increase your FSB in small steps while also increasing the CPU / DDR voltages. Check online for guides on overclocking AMD processors. You'll find many.
  4. ucould2

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    In the tables you listed, in the area RAM you mentioned you have different
    manufacturers if you'll notice the lower part of the table columns;
    JEDEC #2 (particularly) is where your RAM is running at the moment if the
    FIRING order is sequential across all three slots.
    You say that you have installed 2GB does it post 2GB of RAM at start-up?
    If it does not remove the Kingston RAM then run the CPU-Z test on the other two
    "sticks" to find out where / how your RAM is firing......hopefully they will be a
    matched "pair"(Max. Bandwidth should be the same). Also check that the
    Correction still reads NONE ;) Do it anyway you might find out
    there is a slowdown ("logjam") here! You may only have access to less
    than 1.5GB (you are using cross brands of RAM so what do you expect!). This will not run Games!!
    Now if you find the Samsung RAM is firing differently to the Kingston RAM then you might want to buy one more stick.
    WARNING there are sellers out there that will have you buy one stick of Kingston RAM and tell you it's not one of a MATCHED set.
    If you have three slots for RAM the wrong "stick" could lock out your slots!!
    KVR533D2S4/1G 1G 533MHz DDR2 Non-ECC CL4 SODIMM $36.84AUS from Check Your Computer HERE
    :zzz: Coming to the point now your RAM is suffering it's running way too low DDR2 RAM frequency starts at 400Mhz I F your getting all your RAM to post correctly and you HAVE a full 2GB then the best Data Output Rate you can possibly hope for is the minimum in JEDEC #2 of 266Mhz (if you don't understand LOGJAM eat a whole apple while eating a whole banana)
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