Need driver for HP Printer

By mom26gr8kids · 4 replies
May 7, 2009
  1. Have been trying to find a driver for my HP Photosmart 7850 Printer. Cannot find a download on Techspot and the other sites I have visited want to charge me for this download. Can someone please direct me where I can go to get this done? I need help ASAP as I need to print something out for work tomorrow morning. My computer died tonight, so I had to install a new hard drive, and now am trying to get my printer to work. Appreciate any help you can give.
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    If you search it in google as a HP drivers keywords,then you will get related result for it.
    And i am sure you will get your solution.
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    this is an old thread. I'm sure mom26gr8kids found the proper driver by now ;)
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