Need help determining a dead motherboard

By jefari
Nov 8, 2008
  1. Hi there,

    OK so I have had this motherboard for about a year and a half. P5N SE Delux

    Last night, there was a power outage at my place (My PC was under a "old.." surge supressor.. anyway, may computer lost power.. the next morning I booted it up.. everything was fine.. however when I plugged in my external hard drive through the USB.. windows could not read it and it prompted me with errors on the USB Bus. (Ones I havn't seen before) The error just said device was unreadable.. So i turned off my External hard drive.. a little worried thinking that it was the external hard drive that was bunged.. now about half an hour later i had to swap USB ports in the back.. so I unplugged a USB cable that goes to a camera (no camera connected).. then all of a sudden my computer just shut off.. (FROM REMOVING a device from a USB port.. I couldn't believe it..) So I powered it back on and its not starting..

    I suspect a short somewhere... or the Motherboard is fried.. or powersupply?? Processor?? I don't have too much experience diagnosing this kind of problem and im sure someone on here does. I know its not a configuration (jumper issue).. this isn't a new Mobo and it was working perfectly fine previously..

    What pretty much happens when I turn it on is the Power supply turns on for a split second (Fans and LED).. also case fans turn on.. then it just goes cupput.. (I have to flick the off switch on the PSU and turn it back on for it even attempts to start up again.

    NOTE: Green Mobo light is on the whole time the powersupply is powered and the switch on PSU is on.

    The Key symptom that makes me think its the Mobo is the fact that the USB related errors spoken above.

    Thanks for your time.
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    Bench test the board outside of the case - say on a cardboard box,

    Sounds like one of the USB ports may be physically damaged and creating a short preventing power on.

    A PC I was working on had me stumped when it worked out of the case but not in. Found the front USB ports were mangled.
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