Need Help With CiD ads for Vista

By HawkShooter
Sep 26, 2008
  1. Since July 2008, Ive had this problem about "CiD" ads keep coming up, I've learned that I've got them from Windows Messenger Plus, which I've gotten rid of already. I've tried multiple times to get rid of these ads, but as far as I know, no pop-up blocker can get rid of them

    Can somebody please help me?

    I don't want my laptop to be corrupted any longer.
    It took me a while to get this laptop and I do not want it to be messed up.
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    Have you tried ALL the Info at , especially
    " 4) The use and presence of the Software is voluntary. The Software may be uninstalled at any time from your computer. The only authorized means to uninstall the Software is to use the ADD/REMOVE function on your control panel or contact for assistance. Instructions to uninstall the Software are as follows:

    1. Access your control panel by going to the Start menu;

    2. Select Control Panel;

    3. Choose ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS; and,

    4. Select Messenger Plus! and Sponsor or CiD Help for removal.

    5. If you do not remember which bundled software product you installed that included the sponsor software you can download and run the universal uninstaller located here. "

    You seem to have gotten down to "4" !? Next "step" is to click the "here" in "5"
    at the website !? Let me know IF it "works" !?
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