Need Help with home networking.

By nicholec
Jun 1, 2008
  1. I have a networking question. We just moved into a bigger house. We have 4 computers. 2 of the computers are on one level of the house and the other 2 are on the other level all the way on the other side.

    Ok on the first level I have the cable modem hooked up to a Belkin Wireless router. One computer is hooked into it with a ethernet chord, the other is a laptop with a wireless card.

    Well I need to get ineternet up to the other 2 computers. I can run a really long ethernet wire to one of them but the other is a older computer and we had bought a wirless usb card for it b/c it doesn't have a ethernet port (Its one of those all in one gateway computer that has 98 on it). My mom just uses it to check email and a few other things. She doesn't want to get a different computer. The wireless internet will not pick up where her computer is.

    So is there anyway I can buy another wirless router and hook it into my router on the first level with a long ethernet chord so we can get internet to the other 2 computers.

    Thanks for any help I can get on this.
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